Current Total Issued Share Capital: 182,696,049


Significant shareholders and Directors’ shareholdings

The following table sets forth a list of shareholders having, to the knowledge of the Company, a direct or indirect interest in 3% or more of the voting rights of the Company and their holdings as of July 13, 2015.


Gold Fields Exploration BV26,134,919 14.31%
Charlemagne Capital (IOM) Limited    9,939,279  5.44%
Sprott Asset Management LP  7,905,000   4.33%
Metal Tiger PLC  5,500,000  3.01%
Directors' Shareholdings  4,379,900   2.40%


As an overseas company, shareholders of Orsu are not subject to the requirements of the Disclosure & Transparency Rules ("DTR") for the purpose of the AIM Rules, and, accordingly, shareholders are not legally bound to notify their interests in accordance with the provisions of the DTR. However, Orsu strongly encourages shareholders to notify the Company if their shareholding exceeds 3% of the Company's issued share capital (a "significant shareholding") and to further notify the Company of any changes to a significant shareholding which increase or decrease such holding through any single percentage and this obligation is enshrined in Article 5.12 of the Company's Articles of Association.


Shares not in public hands


Substantial shareholders (10% or more)                          
Gold Fields Exploration BV 26,134,919 14.31%
Directors' shareholdings 4,379,900   2.40%
Other related parties               -          -
Lock-ins               -          -

Total shares not in public hands