What is the Company's registered address?
Nemours Chambers, Qwomar Complex 4/F, P.O. Box 3170, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands

UK branch registered address:
Berkeley Square House, Berkeley Square, London, W1J 6BD, United Kingdom


What is the Company's registered numbers?
BVI Company No: 650334
Branch No: BR008680
VAT registration No: 778 4428 80


On what stock exchanges are Orsu Metals Corporation’s shares traded?
Orsu Metals Corporation’s shares are traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) under the stock/ticker symbol OSU.


What is Orsu Metals Corporation’s official accounting currency?
United States Dollars (US$)


Who are your Registrars and what do they do?
Orsu Metals Corporation has appointed Computershare Investor Services as its Registrars. The Registrars manage Orsu Metals Corporation’s share register on its behalf. They are responsible for ensuring the shareholder details are recorded accurately.


How do I contact your Registrars?
For shareholder enquiries such as changing your name, address, dividend payments and shareholder certificates, please contact our Registrars, contact of details of of which are provided at Computershare's website:
Computershare Canada


Where can I get a copy of the latest financial results announced by Orsu Metals Corporation?
Orsu Metals Corporation Financial Results


In which countries does Orsu Metals Corporation operate?
Orsu Metals Corporation is headquartered in London, its principal assets are in Kazakhstan and it is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange in Canada.

Do you have shareholder meetings?

We have an Annual Shareholders' Meeting. The rights of shareholders to convene a meeting are set out in the Company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association.


When is the next Annual Shareholders' Meeting?
The last Annual Shareholders’ Meeting was held on June 22, 2015. The date for the 2016 Annual Shareholders’ Meeting has been set for June 23, 2016 with formal notice and related documents to follow in due course.

What if I cannot attend the Annual Shareholders' Meeting?
If you cannot attend the meeting in person, you can still express your views on the matters for discussion at the meeting. The Company's Articles provide that all substantive decisions (i.e. all the items listed in the Notice of a General Meeting sent out to members) must be decided by poll. Before the meeting, if your shares are registered in your own name, we will send you a proxy form. On the form you should indicate whether you vote for or against each of the items (resolutions) due to be decided at the meeting. You may also use the form to appoint the Chairman of the meeting to cast your proxy vote the way you want, or to vote at the Chairman's discretion. Alternatively, you may name someone else to go to the meeting and vote for you with your proxy. If your shares are registered in the name of your nominee, the nominee will receive the proxy form.


Where can I find the latest investor presentation by Orsu Metals?
Please see separate section of the website: Financial Reports and Presentations

Is Orsu Metals Corporation’s Annual Report online?
Yes. All of the reports are posted on our website in full.

Does Orsu Metals Corporation have a Code of Conduct and Ethics?
Yes. It can be found by clicking here.

Does Orsu Metals Corporation have an environmental report?
The Company operates in regions and countries which have long histories of mining operations, whose authorities accept mining can cause some disturbance to the local environment. The Company ensures that the environmental impact of all its projects incur the minimum environmental impact possible.


How do I buy or sell Orsu Metals Corporation’s shares?
You can buy and sell Orsu Metals Corporation’s ordinary shares through a financial adviser or stockbroker, bank or building society or 'share shops' that offer a similar service. The commission charges for buying and selling shares vary between the different organisations.


Is it possible to transfer shares between the UK and Canada?
Please see separate section of the website: How To Transfer Shares


What is the procedure for the transfer of ownership of my shares?
Please see separate section of the website: How To Transfer Shares


How do I find out how many Orsu Metals Corporation’s shares I hold?
You can determine the number of shares you hold in your name by adding up all your share certificates or by contacting the Registrars.


What is your dividend policy?
The Directors do not recommend a dividend for the year.