About Orsu

Orsu was formed on 19 June 2008 upon the Company’s completion of the acquisition of Lero Gold Corp., pursuant to which the Company accrued additional interests in exploration projects located in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. Orsu is a dual listed London-based precious and base metal exploration and development company which, through its subsidiaries, is developing a project in the Rudny Altai copper belt in the Republic of Kazakhstan and exploring gold deposits in the Tien Shan gold belt in the Kyrgyz Republic, one of the largest and most prolific gold belts in the world. Orsu is registered in the British Virgin Islands.

Orsu's properties within the Tien Shan gold belt in the Kyrgyz Republic occur in the same belt of rocks with similar geology and structural setting as Centerra Gold Inc.’s Kumtor Deposit. Since 1997, Kumtor has produced over 5.5 million ounces of gold and is estimated to contain a remaining 3.2 million ounces of reserves and 3.4 million ounces of resources, making it the largest gold mine in Kyrgyzstan and one of the largest gold deposits in the World.

At present Orsu Metals Corporation’s assets consist of the following:


- 94.75% interest in the Karchiga copper deposit, located in the northeast Kazakhstan; and

- 51% interest in the Kogodai exploration licence in north-eastern Kazakhstan; and

- 100% interest in the Akdjol-Tokhtazan gold project, located in the Tien Shan gold belt in the Kyrgyz Republic.


With senior management and excellent technical expertise, Orsu intends to aggressively explore and develop a portfolio of new projects and targets.